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Every experience is what you make it and it serves a purpose.  It might inspire you, it might educate you, or it might come to give you a chance to be of service in some way.”  Peace Pilgrim

David and Logan at Abol Bridge Store 7-14-13

David and Logan at Abol Bridge Store 7-15-13

My name is Logan, welcome to my website!  Here’s a bit of my story:

In the latter half of 2013 I spent 5 months hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) to raise awareness for Lyme disease – the fastest spreading infectious epidemic in America.  I contracted Lyme disease on a camping trip with my son in Mammoth Cave National Park in May of 2011.  Here is an article about my experience in the April 19, 2012 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal: http://www.kentuckyindianalymesupport.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/LOGANS-ARTICLE.pdf.  Our first morning in camp I awoke to find more than 20 tiny deer tick nymphs attached to me from my waist down to my toes.  At the time I thought I had removed all of the ticks within 12 hours, and mistakenly believed that meant I was safe from Lyme transmission.  It later became clear that I was infected, although I was not accurately diagnosed until November.  By October my brain fog, wide spread arthritis, fevers and crushing fatigue made it difficult to function on a daily basis.  Most days I would drag myself out of bed, survive a day of work and then collapse at home as my mind, memory and physical health quickly deteriorated.  My doctor ordered an MRI to rule out Multiple Sclerosis, but did not believe Lyme disease was a concern in Kentucky.  I later learned this was an all too common mistaken belief held in most states across the US.

Fortunately, via the resources and information provided by the Lyme disease internet community, I found my way to the nearest Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) in a neighboring state in November of 2011 (there are no LLMD’s in Kentucky).  After more than eight months of intense treatment I began to recover some of my health and my life.  During that time I became well versed in the history, controversy, corruption and ignorance surrounding what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) calls the fastest growing vector-borne epidemic in the United States with well more than 300,000 new cases every year.  But even that statement does not do this plague justice.  Recent science and widespread experience are confirming the fact that Lyme is an infectious disease, spread by many more agents than merely ticks.  This is information that must be shared.  Millions can prevent or recover from this awful illness if we foster an open and inclusive national dialogue, expose the blatant conflicts of interest and outright corruption at the very top levels of our most influential public health institutions, and foster an honest and compassionate response to this epidemic.

WLKY Lyme Poster

I began hiking south from Mt. Katahdin, Maine in July of 2013.  I hiked to raise awareness, hope, knowledge and resources to empower those who face the challenge of Lyme disease and related co-infections.  Five million steps on behalf of literally millions who cannot get the help they need, and in far too many cases are being belittled, marginalized or just ignored as they struggle to regain their health and recover their lives.  Here is a brief video describing my story Journey Thru Lyme Intro Video – 2/24/13, and a short TV news piece filmed after I had hiked more than 1,400 miles Journey Thru Lyme-TV report on Chronic Lyme disease and Hiking the AT.

I made it to mile 1,888 by December 11th, just 298 trail miles from the southern terminus of the AT atop Springer Mountain, Georgia.  At the time my reason for leaving the trail was to come home to take care of my dog, but within a week I was so sick from complications stemming from an intestinal parasitic infection I had been battling since early November that I could barely climb a flight of stairs.  Ten days later my dear friend, trip planning and hiking partner David Klein passed away from a recurrence of leukemia – seven years after his bone marrow transplant and just 5 ½ months since we climbed Mt Katahdin and began the AT together.  He made his transition the evening of December 29th, the day before I had planned to finish my thru-hike.  Obviously I was meant to be home for David, his family and all our mutual friends.

I have a vivid memory of hiking across Big Bald Mountain in a snowstorm that last day on the trail.  I had just spoken with my sister about my dog, and somewhere down deep I knew there was another reason I was meant to come home.  I had learned a good deal about how to listen to that still, small voice within and follow my intuition over the previous months.  Something in me gave me some peace of mind that I was leaving the trail so near the end for some greater reason that I could understand in the moment.  That understanding is still unfolding to this day, and has led to the website you now visit.

During my trek I met and befriended Lyme Warriors from across the country.  Some I met in person in the states along the AT, and many others I met via the internet.  I met Lyme Warriors like Alan and Joy Burdge and Melissa and Mark Colucci in Pennsylvania, Kelly Edmunds and Rob Cloutier in West Virginia, and John and Susan Burrows and Mauricia Shanks in Virginia.

Via the internet I met new friends such Marguerite Ganz from Indiana, Luba Williams from Canada, Tina Garcia from Arizona, and Amie Levasseur from Maine.  Amie is the co-founder of Lyme Buddies, a grassroots support and advocacy organization.   Amie introduced me to Jami Morton (Sunsplash).  Jami is hiking the AT in 2014 to raise awareness and funds for Lyme Buddies in honor of her sister who was stricken with Lyme disease.   In a similar manner I met my friend John Donnally, who in partnership with Tick-Borne Disease Alliance’s (TBDA) Bite Back for a Cure Campaign, rode his bicycle from California to Washington DC in the fall of 2013.  These people, and so many others, provide the inspiration for the Lyme Warrior Movement.

Vision for the Lyme Warrior Movement

The Lyme Warrior Movement will raise awareness and inspire action by highlighting the activities and adventures of Lyme Warriors who are following their hearts, expressing their gifts and sharing their stories in efforts to end the unnecessary suffering of Lyme disease and its co-infections.   Sharing inspirational stories and encouraging collaboration on shared goals and objectives will help build unity among the greater Lyme community.  The choice of the term “movement” is intentional, meaning many people purposely advancing in a common direction.  I intend to help launch and support the web-based tools for the movement via a website called LymeWarrior.net (to be launched in the fall of 2014).  This website (journeythrulyme.com) and blog will be my primary means of communication during my personal journey as a Lyme Warrior and my Trek for the Truth.

My Personal Commitment

One of my inspirational heroines is Mildred Norman, who in 1953 took the name Peace Pilgrim and committed her life to embodying and sharing her Truth.  The prior year at the age of 52, she became the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail in one season.  She continued her pilgrimage and advocacy until her death in 1981.  Her story can be viewed at the link above.

My intention is to continue hiking, writing, teaching and speaking out until the greater truth of Lyme disease is revealed to the public, and large scale efforts to alleviate the widespread suffering are well underway.  Basically I will remain a traveler on the trails and the towns of this country until the truth is revealed and acknowledged.  I will give my best as long as my body and adequate support allows.  By following my heart and speaking my mind, I hope to inspire others to join the Lyme Warrior Movement and express and share their unique gifts.

My Point of View

The views expressed on these pages are my own.  They reflect my life-long yearning to explore and answer the larger questions…such as:  “Who are we?”; “Why are we here?”; “Where did we come from and where are we going?; And “Why is the world the way it is?”

These questions followed me as a young boy.  At some point in my youth I shoved them aside and plunged into living a life as the “civilized” world defined it.  Even while I was acting as a “productive member of society” it always felt like just that…an act.  It took a battle with this life altering illness to bring me full circle.  Lyme disease has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life.  Ironically, it took a plunge into the darkness of this engineered epidemic to help me begin to see the light.  It is an ongoing and dynamic journey of discovery.

So I will express my current point of view here on these pages.  My website and blog will eventually be linked to the LymeWarrior.net website, as hopefully one among many stories of perseverance, awakening and inspiration shared via that tool.  I will offer content and resources to that website, but I will express my personal viewpoint here.   My hope is readers of either or both websites will find something of value to serve and inform their own personal journeys.

So I’ll close for now with a quote that illustrates a bit of my current perspective related to the bolded question above.  There is a larger story unfolding that includes Lyme disease, and yet encompasses so much more.

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”
Michael Ellner

In the weeks, months and years to come, I will share insights and information relating to these topics and more.  For whatever reason, I feel drawn to express this information.  It could fall under the “knowledge is power” category, but I sense it’s something more.  While I whole-heartedly embrace my alignment to the spiritual Warrior archetype, I also embody the spirit of a Teacher.  The struggle for any Warrior is first and foremost an inner conflict.  The contradictions must be faced within, and complete responsibility accepted there before the external struggle can be successful.  Full disclosure here…my inner quest continues, and I will share it with you in the hopes it may help you in yours.

VI ET ANIMO – Strength and Courage, Heart and Soul

Logan (Unitic) McCulloch

PS – If you have an interest, you can access a video journal of my 2013 Journey Thru Lyme Appalachian Trail adventure on my YouTube channel under Logan McCulloch: Logan’s YouTube Channel